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Choosing the Perfect Caribbean Honeymoon Destination by your Personalities.

Your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime event in your life, and the Caribbean offers an so many different stunning destinations to match you and your partner's personalities and wants. Whether you're ready for an adventure, a laid-back beach bum, or want to really connect to the island culture, there's a Caribbean Island waiting just for the two of you. I'm here to help you find the perfect Caribbean honeymoon destination based on you and your partner's personality!

1. The Adventurous Duo: St. Lucia

Caribbean views St. Lucia Sandals Resorts
Views from the wedding chapel at Sandals Grande St. Lucian

Are you looking to start your life together with a bang? If so, St. Lucia is your playground. This is an adventure seekers paradise. Explore the iconic Pitons, head off to the rainforest for a thrilling zip line thru the treetops, or grab your flippers and scuba dive in cerulean blue crystal-clear waters. THIS Island is a literal garden of Eden, and you will toast to your life together surrounded by beautiful landscapes and stunning sunsets.

For the quiet more secluded couple I recommend Sandals Halcyon Beach, and for the more social couple, Sandals Grande St. Lucian is my #1 pick!

Caribbean Barbados Sandals Resorts
Coastline of Barbados

2. The Relaxation Enthusiast: Barbados

  • Looking to just unwind after months of planning and prepping for the big day? Barbados will make a perfect honeymoon spot for you two that offers serene beaches, lush gardens, and such a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Walk hand and hand at sunset in the powdery sand beaches, savor incredible local cuisine, and perhaps indulge in a couples massage by the ocean. Sandals Royal Barbados would fit the bill perfectly for the two of you if this is what you seek!

History Sandals Resorts Jamaica Caribbean
Ever so enchanting Jamaica

3. The History Buffs: Jamaica

  • Jamaica is a treasure trove of history, from the Arawak Indians, to the Spanish, as well as British until current day, Jamaica offers so history and culture that spans centuries. Visit the historic Rose Hall Great House, the Appleton Estate, tour the Bob Marley Museum, and explore colonial architecture. So much to see and do within the four mountain ranges of Jamaica- this is one island you need to explore! Learn together and experience the warmth of Jamaican culture and cuisine, one day at a time on your fantastic honeymoon in heaven. My perfect resort in Jamaica, why Sandals South Coast in Whitehall of course!

Sandals Grande Antigua Caribbean Resorts
The Islands of Antigua dotting the sea

4. The Romantic Dreamers: Antigua

  • Love is love is love. What better way to kick off your life together than in dreamy Antigua? Antigua's 365 beaches are begging for you to come and create amazing memories for the two of you. Stroll hand in hand on the powdery sandy beaches, jump aboard a catamaran and take a sunset sail thru the sea, and stay in a dreamy overwater bungalow. Antigua will keep the love pumping thru out your stay in paradise. Sandals GrandeAntigua will sweep you two off your feet from the start of your honeymoon till the last minute before you depart.

Emerald Green waters of the Bahamas Sandals Emerald Bay
Swimming with the Pigs

5. The Island Hoppers: The Bahamas

  • If you can't choose just one spot, island hop through the Bahamas. Visit Nassau for vibrant culture, Exuma for emerald green hues of the sea and incredibly pristine beaches, and the Out Islands for a serene escape. Weather you choose to live it up in downtown Nassau or go swimming with the pigs off of Exuma, this will be one honeymoon filled with fun and surprises. Sandals Emerald Bay is one resort that is cut above the rest!

History beauty Caribbean Curacao honeymoon
Coastline of Curacao

6. The Culture Connoisseurs: Curacao

  • Want to really experience a blended culture of Europe and the Caribbean on your first official trip together? Then it's time to immerse yourselves in the rich history and vibrant culture of Curacao. Did you know that Curacao is a part of the EU? Wander through the brilliantly colorful town of Willemstad, explore historic forts, take in Curacao's vibrant art scene and savor so much deliciousness in the Dutch-Caribbean cuisine. Staying at Sandals Royal Curacao will bring you right in the middle of it all in total luxury.

Sandals Honeymoon Caribbean Grenada
Dining on Sushi at Sandals Grenada

7. The Foodie Pair: Grenada

  • Still hungry from the wedding and ready to savor some amazing spices and flavors? Grenada is the Island of Spice! Spice up your honeymoon here with it's spice-scented air and incredibly delicious cuisine. Savor local dishes made with cinnamon, cloves and ginger, visit actual working spice plantations, and once you have gotten your fill of the incredible yummy eats, head to the beaches and soak up the sun in this Island of Paradise. I cannot tell you how much I just loved my stay at Sandals Grenada- perfection wrapped up in a bow!

No matter your personality, the Caribbean has a honeymoon destination that will make your dream getaway a reality. So, which Caribbean paradise suits you and your partner best? Let's talk and get this honeymoon planning going! Just email us at to make this dream a reality!


Shauna at Fancy Fox Travel

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