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Shauna Damboise is the talented individual behind Fancy Fox Travel, a luxury travel agency that caters to discerning travelers seeking extraordinary experiences. 

Remember the moment you said "yes"? Fireworks, tears, maybe even a rogue parrot singing congratulations? That's the kind of magic we live for at Fancy Fox Travel.

I'm not just a travel agent, I'm a honeymoon matchmaker, crafting bespoke escapes that feel more like love letters written in sand than generic vacation packages. For over a decade, I've traded boardrooms for beaches, exploring hidden coves, snorkeling with technicolor fish, and sipping cocktails under star-studded skies. I'm not just a travel expert, I'm a honeymoon veteran - I've seen it all, from romantic candlelit dinners on the beach to adrenaline-pumping adventures in the rainforest. My passport is filled with stamps, my heart with wanderlust, and my mind with a treasure trove of insider tips and tricks to make your honeymoon truly unforgettable.

I'm a passionate travel enthusiast, with a unique story and a shared love for creating magical escapes for couples like you. I get giddy over honeymoon upgrades, cry happy tears at your vow renewals, and celebrate your "two-do" adventures with fist pumps and high fives.

Let Shauna and Fancy Fox Travel be your trusted guide on your journey to unforgettable moments and luxury travel experiences.

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